Only available 24 hours prior to departure, your departure is considered your first ride taken. Cancellation Fee is %80 per ticket. Round trips are not partially refunded. Cancellations need to be written for best customer relations, so we only take them by email with all the required information on it: Name of passenger(s), Dates of departure, time, email used for the purchase. Cancellations made within 72 hour time frame will be processed without fee however they will come into an internal credit note for a future use. Reservations made with third party or connections with other bus companies are non refundable. Group cancellations (4 or more passengers) are subject to a 50% penalty we wont cancel any tickets bought with a coupon code.
We charge for changes. This are only available over the automatic system on the website, the tickets can only be changed once on this system, if you change a roundtrip you need to redeem it fully (both segments) and then rebook it fully (both segments) if you cancel only one segment you will be charged for a one way and only refunded on a code for the balance (which is a small amount) when you rebook it will seem little toward the new booking as it will be considered 2 one way tickets instead of a roundtrip.NAME CHANGES ARE ALLOWED WITH A SMALL CHARGE $10
(Please let us know if you would like to have your tickets credited and open ended for future use.  NO SHOWS DO NOT RECEIVE REFUND (Because even if you don´t show up, you used the space on the trip, because the seat was empty.)
As we almost always deliver time and schedule and customers are used to it, unforeseen situations can make us fail to deliver a timely service. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL TIME. Those times are the best approximate we can make, and those might change. We want you to know that we cannot be held liable, and we are not legally responsible for providing you any lodging, alternate means of transportation, or any other expense when the interruption or stop of our service occurs. (PLEASE NOTE: WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY AND WE WANT TO DELIVER THE BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE, SO WE WILL TRY TO AVOID ANY OF THIS AS POSSIBLE.) EXAMPLES:

• Accidents on the route
• Extreme weather conditions
• Missing a connection with another booking with other company, (when using our service notice this)
• Police requests, as an inspection of the transportation unit.
• Traffic delays
• Any issue affecting your safety, as terrorism, vandalism, other users that may endanger the trip

If our service has a disruption on the schedule, we will try to contact you and let you know as soon as we can. Please try to leave correct contact information when you book your trip. We will try to contact you, but it’s not an obligation, and sometimes, that might not happen. You can always call or visit our webpage to check for any service disruption.
Private Charters
Private charter bookings are only 80% refundable if made 2 weeks prior your event, please understand we book driver's with advance and our buses get booked for your event (meaning no one else can book them on that date). PRIVATE CHARTER LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS ARE NOT ENTITLED FOR A REFUND
Private Charter Agreement
In certain Private charters due to logistic operations Whistler Rides reserves the right to change vehicles or transportation method to ensure that the logistic of what is tried to be done it is actually possible, that is one of the reasons why we have different types of vehicles in our fleet this clause comes to all the requirements of height and length sometimes a customer will want to try to get a bus in a parking lot where it doesn't fit or it doesn't have permit by the city to be there..