Whistlerrides frequently asked questions.

We sell one way tickets, however they are more expensive than if you buy in bundle the round trip tickets. For your convenience, we offer EMERGENCY ONLY complimentary return transportation but we are not responsible for assigning you a seat, this is a courtesy just if there is space in the bus: ONE WAY TICKET COMPLIMENTARY RETURN: In case of Emergency and if you want to take your chances on a standby seat Whistler Rides offers to be able to come back the same day with your one way ticket however this is subject to drivers's criteria, availability of seats on the bus and if you have an "emergency" than makes you need the transfer without payment (this courtesy service is only available for returns from Squamish and Whistler).
Whistler Rides does not have a fixed rate, all of our prices are calculated FROM ticket base price plus the cost our schedules have, The cost of the specific schedule will come at the checkout step as "adjustment fee". ROUND TRIP From: $31.98 CAD + tax ($24.99 CAD +tax could apply in certain dates, in certain routes and could be applied to a segment of your roundtrip, as a "fare adjustment") ONE WAY (Vancouver to Whistler booking): $22.99 CAD + tax ($24.99 CAD +tax could apply in certain dates, marked as one way ticket fee) ONE WAY (Whistler to Vancouver booking): $22.99 CAD + tax ($24.99 CAD +tax could apply in certain dates, marked as one way ticket fee) Staff Gratitude is Optional at the End of Checkout. Additional Optional Charges: can be a gratitude to our staff , you can choose at checkout, or hotel drop off's can be $10 or $15 (depending the schedule) per passenger. BOOK NOW, PAY LATER? We do not offer a “Book Now, Pay Later” option. Trip reservations are confirmed only once the payment has been processed.
We welcome all walk-up passengers. However, we can only accommodate walk-up passengers once all Secured Round trip. Walk-ups are strictly subject to availability. Also, please note that all walk-up passengers must pay cash. No other forms of payment can be accepted by the driver at the time of departure. This also means that you must pay the ticket price in exact change.
We are always happy to accept a booking over the phone. Call us at (604) 715-0196 to book, or just inquire about any details of our service we accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro and Visa or Mastercard Debit) purchases may be processed over the phone (no interac debit). However, an Interac e-transfer may also be arranged over the phone if that is your preferred option for payment.
If you wish to cancel your purchase and receive an internal credit for your trip, you must inform us in advance. No refunds are issued. Regarding to cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to departure date a new ticket needs to be bought. Cancellations for refund need to be done not exceeding 24 hours after your purchase and are subject to 80% of the total price penalty, otherwise you can choose to have it in full as internal credit. Please contact us by email at contact@whistlerrides.ca or by phone at (604)-715-0196 Alternatively, you may choose not to cancel you ticket and ask us to keep it open-ended until such time as your travel dates are confirmed. Simply email us to make this request. Please note that although we are happy to accommodate this, we cannot guarantee seat availability for the dates you will end up choosing in the future.
The transportation of your luggage and sports gear is included with your purchase. Please note that in the Spring/Summer season, only one bike per person is allowed, and must be reported during checkout (checkbox) and might be subject to a charge. Te carry on allowance is 1 suitcase, 1 normal school backpack, and 1 sports gear.
We transport regular sized and domestic of pets, including service animals accompanying an individual inside the coach (CNIB or DSI card required). Exceptions apply to exotic pets that we will not transport like lizards, crocodiles, tigers or exotic animals that the criteria of the driver will consider to not transport for dangerous circumstances.
Click on the navigation tab YVR, to see a map on how to quickly get from the airport to our pick up location using the convenient SKY TRAIN, however we do not, at this time, offer direct services at the YVR Airport, unless it’s a Private Group Carter booking. If you would like to inquire about Private Group Charter bookings, please email us at contact@whistlerrides.ca or call/text us at +1 (604) 715 0196
Live availability can be seen as you book your trip on our website, simply go ahead and start booking your dates, you will see the amount of seats, represented for each schedule, the checkout is the most accurate tool to see which service is running as our schedules are not dynamically configured after covid-19.
Click HERE to view our current schedule (pick up locations and times)
We request that all passengers arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time; 15-20 minutes before is ideal. Please understand that we request this in order to allow sufficient time for loading all luggage/equipment, ensuring everyone is boarded comfortably, and departing on time. If you expect that you might be running late, please call us know right away by calling 604 715-0196.
Punctuality is of utmost importance to us, as we strive to ensure that all of our customers get proper service. We will allow a waiting period of 5 minutes if you inform us of running late. The driver reserves the right to leave after the specified time has passed. We highly stress that 5 minutes is the most time we allow for late departure. We cannot accommodate your late arrival past that time. If you do not call us to inform, the bus will leave on time as scheduled and your absence will count as a missed departure. Please note that we do not refund missed departures.
We can offer complimentary WiFi on board of our shuttles. The password needs to be asked to the driver or can be found on the information sheet located at the front of specific buses. Please note that this is not a guaranteed service as only certain models of our vehicles are equipped, and (connection may drop during the trip and the driver is not able to address any troubleshooting while driving).
Our shuttles are not equipped with washrooms. We do make a bathroom break on request in Squamish. Please take this into account when travelling.
Consider to Whistler nonstop 1 hour 45 minutes. To Squamish around 45 minutes. To Pemberton around 3 hours.
We don't refund tickets that are in a timeframe within 24 hours of departure time for a number of factors and reasons some may affect our company, 1. To sell tickets time is crucial, we reserve your seat since the moment you buy it and we take it out of a digital inventory to prevent selling it to someone else, when a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of departure time, we are giving away the opportunity of someone else to buy it, therefore it becomes expired inventory. 2.Empty seats. If by circumstances a ride is not taken by the passenger, we consider it a lost bus, seats are still reserved and paid, so they will travel empty (imagine they travel with a tag with the passenger’s name) this also costs money as we are transporting a tag, therefore we reserved it to you. 3. Passengers lists, and manifests are a must do in our business and to comply with transportation regulations, a manifest is issued everyday, hard copies of passengers lists are handed to drivers, and placed in every bus, when a cancellation occurs within 24 hours time frame it is impossible to modify hard copies of manifests, and paper printed passengers lists in the buses, therefore we can't remove or add more passengers in a paper that is inside one of the buses which is km away from dispatch. We transport thousands of customers and this is just not possible. 4. We take seriously all of our operations so it is the passenger responsibility, to double check his/her itinerary, to double check he/she has valid tickets, to double check his/her scheduled date and time, we DO NOT take any responsibility neither refunds are granted if you failed to verify your travel documents.
Yes you can change your tickets please click in the navigation tab (changes/change my ticket). OR click here