Please note that this section refers to items that are abandoned, left behind, lost or misplaced while a trip is taking place and a passenger is being transported between destinations, our staff members take care of this issues. In the following way: collecting the item, filing a lost and found sheet, upload it online, put it on a safe or on safe res guard, when electronics or other items with the means to contact the owners, a staff member will provide a service to make your property back to you, however since it takes the staff member to do all this protocol, and to do it right, it takes time out of their duties or personal activities, and we try to incentive and remunerate them with a tip usually $20 or $50 depending on the amount of effort and safe regard of: "if its a valuable item", staff member has authority to ask for documentation or proof of legitimate possession and ownership regarding the item in mention (this tip is not mandatory)

iphone 6 with black case (brand needs to be provided by owner to proof ownership) and unlock phone in front of staff member. 2018-10-01 $50.00 DELIVERED TO OWNER
Blue Spyder SKI Jacket (size and model to be provided by owner) optional receipt of purchase. 2018-10-08 range to 2018-10-13 $50.00 DELIVERED TO OWNER
Reading/Prescription Glasses (color of case and brand to be provided by owner) 2018-10-27 range to 2018-10-31 $20.00 DELIVERED TO OWNER
Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Buds (color and which one is missing) to be provided by owner 2018-10-27 range to 2018-10-31 $50.00 PENDING
2 Pairs of snowgloves brand to be provided by owner 2018-12-03 $20.00 PENDING
Black Handbag with Personal Items, Brand and Order ID of travel to be provided as proof of ownership. 2018-12-18 $40.00 SHIPPED TO OWNER
1 Snow Jacket Black colour, brand to be provided and order id of travel as a proof of ownership 2018-12-13 $40.00 PENDING
Bank of Montreal folder, containing important documentation for 2 Australian citizens, Photo ID and Signature of Release form to be provided, also Proof of Identity needs to be done with ID such as passport, driver's licence, or National Identity Card. 2018-12-19 at 9:00 pm 19th Dec placed on Company Vault $100.00 DELIVERED TO OWNER
Ipad colour of case to be provided by owner unlock in front of staff. 2019-01-04 $20.00 PENDING
Set of Keys one of them says Kryptonite and kjeyholder is a head of a toy 2019-27-06 $40.00
ST Giles Junior Blue folder containing documents (was disposed as per customer instructions 11-13-19 2019-30-06 $40.00
Kids Jacket marked KN Group 2019-27-06 $35.00
Blue Bag "Express 26 with orange zipper, proof of ownership must be provided by identifying the contents, or showing a matching ticket for the bus where it was found" 2020-28-01 under protection by staff members does not fit in safe/vault $100.00
Laptop found in bus #15 2020-10-10 placed under protection by staff members does not fit in safe/vault $100.00