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Express Bus Ride

EFFICIENT TRIP (NON STOP 1:45 MIN) In Our Agile mini fleet, or 2:45 minutes on one of our big buses, Take Your Ssports Gear on Board, Helmet, Boots, Poles, Bikes, Even Pets.

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Discover Tours

Escape the city and experience the wild side of British Columbia on any of our tours starting from Vancouver. Go anywhere in BC or even to the Rockies your expert guide, will soak you with panoramic views and enchanting landscapes.

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Whistler Rides is excited to provide you with the most practical and affordable option for private bus charter. We do airport transfers, cruise ship terminal transfers, large groups, conventions, tourist tours, film crew transfers, event charters (wedding, sport events, family trips) and so many more!.

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YVR Transfer

Get into the sky-train (built inside the airport) and go straight to downtown (Burrard sky-train station), then board our regular service for 32 CAD round trip (the sky-train will take 25 minutes and cost around 6 CAD). BOOK NOW!.

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