Info! Due the current economic stress, fuel surcharges, short-staffing, all the implications that COVID-19 had in the industry multipasses existing before 03-2022 are invalid.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) cancellations exemption, due to unprecedented circumstance of virus, COVID-19 related itineraries, will be exempted of regular terms and conditions, (Effective Dec 20th, 2021, there are NO REFUNDS) all cancellations related to this, must be accompanied by documented proof of: (flight(s) cancellation(s) hotel(s) cancellation(s), event cancellation, proof of impossibility to travel, and will be granted a refund of 5% of Grand Total immediately. As in this scenario the affected parts are both. The transporter and transported, (our actions are to be removing passengers, updating staff shifts, updating fleet control, plus the economic impact, that loss of opportunity to sell seating and units to other people, because they were reserved to you and digitally out of inventory for us to sell. Cancellations without documentation will have a penalty of 95%, drivers will have the authority to refuse boarding to people that present symptoms or look suspiciously symptomatic, to protect other passengers, please send an email to contact@whistlerrides.ca to resolve your situation. If the mountain closes, your trip will be postponed to their dates of operations and your money will remain as internal balance in our website.
No show, receive NO REFUND, stated in #28 of our Terms and Conditions ahead.
  1. Our website will add taxes at the end of the checkout process, you can check your total, before you submit payment, make sure you double check your balance.
  2. The selected seats on the selected schedule will only be guaranteed if a full purchase was made with a valid payment, and the ticket(s) status is not cancelled.
  3. Please take care of your ticket. If you lose it and somebody else uses it, we are not responsible (ID might be verified prior boarding).
  4. Tickets can be transfered to another name using our ticket change interface for $2.90.
  5. Abuse or misuse of multi-pass(es) or ticket(s), will be addressed by suspending this ones immediately, a refund will not be granted if a multi-pass is misused.
  6. You can transfer the value of your ticket to a voucher at any time 24 hours prior your departing time, our ticket change interface will retrieve a voucher with full ammount, within 24 hours will retrieve a voucher with a less amount, Whistler Rides service is non refundable, if you cancel your tickets we will issue internal credit for future use in our website. Or charge you a 80% cancellation fee.
  7. There are fee's for changing your tickes, this ones will be calculated at checkout, ticket changes are self service on our website it is an automated process (free sometimes within 24 hours prior departure time). a Fee for non registration fluctuating $1.00 $10.00 CAD can occur, if you want to change the status of your ticket, please email us to contact@whistlerrides.ca with the name, date, time, email used for the purchase, and the description of what would you like to do.
  8. Multi pass holders, the bookings only work in one way tickets, so each time you want to travel you must book a one way ticket, No refund is provided if you cancel your multi pass or commuter pass.
  9. We are not responsible for any damaged personal items, lost or stolen goods. Items are stored on the bus at your own risk. All responsibility for damage, deterioration, delay, and loss of any article is not our responsibility. Pay attention and take care all the time during your trip.
  10. We do not accept any liability for property left at the bus. However Whistler Rides offers, a lost and found service, (find link on footer).
  11. Consumption of drugs and alcohol during trips are strictly prohibited. We will refuse passengers boarding under the influence of drugs, alcohol.
  12. Transportation of illegal, hazardous, or controlled objects/substances/abstracts, will be immediately reported to nearby authorities and prosecuted.
  13. Behavior considered to pose a threat to our drivers or other passenger(s) and the vehicle would be immediately addressed, and you would be asked to leave the unit with no refund and possibly with police assistance.
  14. All schedules are subject to change without notice and up to the last minute, arrival times are expected not absolute they can fluctuate 30-40 minutes by many factors.
  15. Delays or road closure caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather, or any other conditions are not our responsibility. Refunds are not granted for these circumstances, and we are not legally responsible to provide lodging, alternative means of transportation, or any compensation, Whistler Rides Specifically does not pay for Taxis.
  16. It is your responsibility to always be able to connect to the internet to check your email since this is the primary way we will contact you, we are not responsible neither liable for unseen changes on itineraries due to no connection.
  17. We offer one way and round trip tickets. It is cheaper if you buy the bundle as round trip, as well we do not convert One way tickets into Round trips, or vice versa.
  18. We wont refund any ticket or product, bought with a coupon code.
  19. Our Rates are FROM a base price of $32 CAD for round-trips and can go up to $50 CAD They are variable depending Holidays, selected date time and schedule, also depending if we have to modify our fleet Logistics to keep the service running. This is without including taxes.
  20. Our Rates for one way tickets are FROM $22.99 CAD can go up to $29.99 CAD They are variable depending Holidays, selected date time and schedule, also depending if we have to modify our fleet Logistics to keep the service running. This is without including taxes.
  21. Ticket changes are more easily done to customers who register during checkout, We dont make FREE changes to tickets bought with guest checkout. Ticket changes over the phone have a fee of $10 CAD per passenger.
  22. Cancellations and Refunds. You can cancel your tickets and get a full refund, only if you cancel within 6 hours from the time you purchased (Order Creation), otherwise they will come as internal credit in the form of a voucher. For ticketing, we do not do partial cancellations, Neither partial refunds. For multi pass holders, 80% penalty if cancelled, as per chartered reservations is 50% of Grand Total (only 80% applies if it is stated on the document/contract you signed). In special circumstances on our ticketing collective service cancellations a refund can apply, with 80% penalty, Multipasses bought prior COVID-19 have been revoked due short staffing, inflation, and low-flow of turism in the area.
  23. Whistler Rides charges $75 CAD for doing amendments, modifying and alterations to Charters Over $500 CAD, that include planning the shift of a vehicle and a person specifically for you, this since their personal plans have to change and our logistics also change, as a corporation with more than 15 vehicles in our fleet we take very serious our logistics, as they work in a chronological order, also because sometimes altering your schedule requires a human to sit and reorganize all the shift planning for that specific day..
  24. Whistler Rides INC can charge up to $10 if you request special assistance over the phone or in person to any of our staff members, to satisfy your needs.
  25. By acquiring a ticket, Whistler Rides INC. is not responsible by any means for a customer missing a flight, or passenger(s) getting stranded in the last bus of the day, If you are a tourist, It is your responsibility to leave enough padding time for transport(s), alternatives, and airline check-in as, we are an affordable transportation service and subject to human error, road, and many non contemplated in advance conditions that can cause delays.
  26. We don't refund tickets that are in a time frame within 24 hours of departure time for a number of factors and reasons some may affect our company, 1. To sell tickets time is crucial, we reserve your seat since the moment you buy it and we take it out of a digital inventory to prevent selling it to someone else, when a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of departure time, we are giving away the opportunity of someone else to buy it, therefore it becomes expired inventory. 2.Empty seats. If by circumstances a ride is not taken by the passenger, we consider it a lost bus, seats are still reserved and paid, so they will travel empty (imagine they travel with a tag with the passenger’s name) this also costs money as we are transporting a tag, therefore we reserved it to you. 3. Passengers lists, and manifests are a must do in our business and to comply with transportation regulations, a manifest is issued everyday, hard copies of passengers lists are handed to drivers, and placed in every bus, when a cancellation occurs within 24 hours time frame it is impossible to modify hard copies of manifests, and paper printed passengers lists in the buses, therefore we can't remove or add more passengers in a paper that is inside one of the buses which is km away from dispatch. We transport thousands of customers and this is just not possible. 4. We take seriously all of our operations so it is the passenger responsibility, to double check his/her itinerary, to double check he/she has valid tickets, to double check his/her scheduled date and time, we DO NOT take any responsibility neither refunds are granted if you failed to verify your travel documents.
  27. Our system allows to book tickets in the past for the same day for the walk ins of any passenger who doesn’t have wifi, or cash, so they can book it from the bus, or pay it later in their house after solving their rush or they are tourists who don’t have internet access until they reach their hotel we believe in a helping hand and we trust our Whistler and Vancouver community, this is not an error, it is programmed that way.
  28. No Shows - Abandoned Tickets receive no refund.
  29. Cancellations and Partial Cancellations, Only available 24 hours prior to departure, your departure is considered your first ride taken. Round trips are not partially refunded. Cancellations need to be written for best customer relations, so we only take them by email with all the required information on it: Name of passenger(s), Dates of departure, time, email used for the purchase. Cancellations made within 24 hour time frame will be processed without fee however they will come into an internal credit note for a future use. Reservations made with third party or connections with other bus companies are non refundable. Group cancellations (4 or more passengers) are subject to a 80% penalty we wont cancel any tickets bought with a coupon code.
  30. Whistler Rides is not responsible for damage occurred to Sports Gear (Bikes, Skis, Snowboards and any other Sports gear that fits in Whistler Sports Criteria during the transportation of passengers between destinations, and will not pay any damage caused to this ones that can occurred during transportation, it is transported under your own risk, if you do not wish to take the risk please use an alternative transportation .
  31. Pets are only allowed on board when the correct (pet) ticket has been purchased and when the pet is properly documented as a Support Pet (please provide necessary paperwork for boarding). It's important to note that we do not allow exotic animals such as crocodiles or any non-domesticable animals on board for the safety and comfort of all passengers. If you're traveling with a pet such as a cat, it must be contained in a secure cage to ensure the safety of both the pet and fellow passengers. In such cases, a separate ticket for the pet is required to guarantee sufficient space and prevent any inconvenience to others.